I went to the Ophthalmologist yesterday to assess my bulging eyeball.  Why is my eyeball bulging?  Well, I have Graves’ disease-an autoimmune disorder found in hyperthyroid patients.  I don’t have a thyroid anymore, but the autoimmune disorder still exists.  The biggest symptom of Graves’ disease is the eye bulging, occurring due to swelling of the muscles holding the eyeball.  The inflammation can cause constriction of the optic nerve, causing loss of sight if not treated.

The good news, my vision is 20/20!  Beautiful sight!  HOWEVER…my eyes are under attack.  My vision is impaired at every angle but straight ahead, due to the swelling of muscles, and constriction of nerves.  There are no corrective measures that can be taken until my condition worsens.

This is one of those “listen to your body” moments.  My body is literally telling me to not look back.  Do not look to the heavens, or down at your feet.  Do not look beside you, to see who may be there.  Keep looking forward.  Keep moving forward.  If I must look above or behind, I must turn my full self to see it.  I must pay full attention, face head-on the life around me.  I can’t think of a better way to be fully present.

I hear you, my beautiful body.  Thank you for working so hard.

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