Today is a stormy day.  The sky is dark and breathing with rain.  The wind gusts and the trees dance.  This storm is leading to something.  It is leading to the outcome of new life.  From bug to flower, bird, to bunny, creation is heavy in the air.  This storm’s outcome is nothing more than nourishment needed to bring about the spark of life.  It is truly remarkable, and brings me great joy and fills my heart with love and life.

I focus then at a single tree, swaying and swirling, just going with the flow. This tree took root and grows, powerless to everything around it.  It can’t protest the weather, its limbs being trimmed, birds taking residence, or bugs penetrating its very core.  

Power matters not.  It seizes opportunities of sun and rain to grow into the earth, outward and upward.  The essence in its powerlessness, is the essence of altruism.  I could look at this tree as my lungs.  It takes my out-breath, and creates the in-breath that sustains my life.  It is my air without acknowledgment, without reward.  The birds grow their families, feed from its fruit, and there is no thank you given. 

I can be like the tree.  I can go with the flow, allow powerlessness to be power, and know the outcome is nothing but the simple joy of existing harmoniously, and symbiotically with where my roots grow.  I can reach ever outward, and upward no matter the stormy day.

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